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"THE best thing I have ever done for myself was come here"    
-"Wookie" Rob C. 

"CF Intent provides accountability, encouragement, support, and the right tools for success" 

"I am stronger and feel better than I have in years."
-"Numbers" Destiny S.

"With CF Intent, my fitness has a purpose. I have achieved goals that I thought I was too old to achieve.
I'm raising my personal bar all the time."
-"momdom" Laura P.

"CFI has pushed me mentally and physically to do things I never thought I could do."    
-"Soprano" Katie A.

"The BEST thing I ever did for myself was walk in that first day"    
-"The Dictator" Laura D. 

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Never Be Bored Working Out Again

"If it weren't for these people, I would not have reached my milestones."
-"A-Dubz" Amber

"I hit the wall with my workouts. I needed something different."
-"Super K" Kallie R

"You receive encouragement and support from others just like you, and the coaches push you to be the strongest version of yourself."
- "Handsome" Rob R.

"CFI has helped me to enjoy and look forward to exercise again. Now
I get upset when I miss"   
-"Thoroughbred" Ali W. 

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Don't Let Fear Hold You Back
From Living a Better Life

"You Don't Need to be "Fit" to Start"

The vast majority of people who join CrossFit Intent are BRAND NEW to CrossFit 
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