You Can't Program For Yourself

May 26, 2020

 by Jason Baron

"You can't program for yourself"

It's the middle of a workout. You're by yourself. It's the point in the workout where things are getting real. The "suck" moment has hit. What is going through your head? If we're being honest it's one or more of the following.

"This sucks"
"Why did I program this?"
"Is this too hard?"
"Should I scale back a bit?"
"I can go at an 8 out of 10 and still have a "good" workout"
"Am I going too hard?"
"I've done enough work so far, maybe I don't need to finish ALL of this?"


I've done this. I've been there. I've given up on workouts...often when I created/programmed it. I'm also dedicated, really good at programming, focused on fitness, and putting myself in the best position to be at my healthiest. So what's my deal? 

Here's a very important principle of training/exercise that oftentimes gets overlooked.

Workouts must be measurable and visible by others. And in this is the true beauty of crossFit. Here's why.

  • Intensity IS what changes us for the better. It's what makes us stronger, leaner, and improved. Without intensity we are just going through the motions of exercise. 
  • Social accountability makes us give an honest effort. Period. 
  • You WILL work harder if you have to report what you did. No one wants to be embarrassed. 
  • Compare your EFFORT to someone else's EFFORT. Not score versus score comparison but a measure of effort will cause you to push harder. 

What should you do? Follow someone else's, who you trust, programming and post what you did so others can see. 

Here is today's lasting thought.

Trying to rely upon motivation to lead you is like relying upon caffeine to give you energy. It's momentary and does not last through the night. 


-Jason Baron

CrossFit Level 2 Coach